GG’s highly anticipated 4th album I GOT A BOY will soon be released under MCA Music, imported straight from Korea.

Expect a variety of awesome freebies to be given away for every purchase of the album. This is definitely 
something die- hard SNSD fans can look forward and enjoy during the first few weeks of January 2013.

The drama version for GG’s 4th album “I Got a Boy” drama version teaser was released on 26th Dec causing remarkable impact among fans. It’s currently drawing wild raves that fans can’t help but spread the word.

Each girl’s deep emotion and adorable projection are captured on film during the shoot. Romance is clearly exuded in the over all video production, thus affecting the fans’ sentiment and sheer fancy.

Noted composers and musicians from Korea like Korean classics composer Yoo Young Jin (柳永進) and top European musician “Dsign music”, collaborated to create an exceptional conceptthat tailor fits each member. Kpop enthusiasts can now expect a unique and innovative style embedded in each track.

Girls’ Generation was able to interpret various era and musical style in this new album which they find quite challenging. They did it in order to treat this album differently from the rest.

Choruses are melodic and are proven catchy, easier to sing along to.The lyrics of “I Got a Boy” is sort of endearing and relatable. It’s about a girl who intimately confides to her friend and genuinely expresses her inner sentiments about a boy she’s madly in love with.

The drama teaser of I Got A Boy dance version teaser will immediately be followed by the release of the actual full version tentatively set today December 28. Stay tuned for more updates in the days to come.

Girls’ Generation Korean import album I GOT A BOY will hit our local record bars soon! Watch out for it!

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