It's the first day of Metro Manila Film Festival 2012. A lot of great movies in this particular filmfest.

On December 27, it will unveiled the best of the best in this fabulous annual film festival in our country.

Here's our fearless forecast:

Best Picture: Thy Womb. Though the film won already in several international filmfest this year,  we liked the story about this film. It reflects the life of a Badjao midwife who was cannot bear a child for her husband consents to him taking a second wife. 

Best Actor: It will be the battle between Dingdong Dantes and ER Ejercito. As you can remember last year's MMFF, there are some controversies about Dantes won the Best Actor award and Ejercito protested about it. The two actors did their best this in this year's MMFF 2012. May the best man wins.

Best Actress: It will be the one and only Superstar Nora Aunor. No doubt! She will win this coveted Best Actress award.

Best Supporting Actor: "El Presidente"'s Cesar Montano will surely win this award. 

Best Supporting Actress: It will between Lovi Poe and Angel Locsin. They did their acting prowess in their respective movies. 

Best Director: Brillante Mendoza is Brillante Mendoza! we like him on how he creates quality films, whether it's indie and mainstream movie.

Who's your bet for this year's MMFF 2012?

The Metro Manila Film Festival 2012 awards night will be held on December 27 at Meralco Theater.

Enjoy watching MMFF 2012 entries this Yuletide season!

Disclaimer: This is just our predictions and not the official winners

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