41% increase to South of France; 30% increase to Turkey ahead of 21 December 2012*

It seems that the devoted believers of the Mayan Prophecy have found a few ways to work around the end of the Mayan Calendar on the 21st of December 2012, which is believed to be the end of the world. Two small villages – Bugarach in the South of France and Sirince in Turkey have been generating high levels of interest, according to leading travel search site Skyscanner, as it is believed that they will be the only ones spared from the end of the world.

Dedicated followers who believe that the world will be coming to an end at the latter part of December are packing their bags and booking one-way tickets to Bugarach and Sirince, and the two villages are bound to be a bit congested. One-way flights to the South of France have shot up 41% on the week before the 21st of December, and 30% for Sirince, a village in the Turkish Izmir Province.

But it seems as though there are more people around the world who have ignored the widely-popular End of the World prophecy, as the day after is set to be the busiest getaway day of the year, Skyscanner reveals.

Different groups of people have sought to junk the Mayan Prophecy belief, which has been made more prominent in recent years thanks to Hollywood and media, and The Philippines is no different. With that day fast-approaching, scientists and journalists, as well as feng shui experts and Quiapo psychics have smoothed over any misconceptions that the world is ending in a few weeks. Korean sensation PSY seems unfazed as well, as he is set to Gangnam Style his way into the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on the night before the alleged End of the World.

“Yes, it is surprising to see how big of an increase there has been in searches for flights to the South of France and to Turkey, leading up to the 21st of December. But it is overshadowed by the overwhelming number of flight searches on the following day, so that suggests that not everyone is really convinced,” says Skyscanner Philippines Market Development Manager Janet Ranola.

But in case you’re really interested, KLM and Air France can take you from Manila to Perpignan (an hour’s drive from Bugarach) on a one-way, 46-hour flight for PHP 69,224. Alternatively, a Gulf Air and AtlasJet 26-hour flight can take you to the Turkish Izmir Province for PHP 30,764.

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