In a bloggers conference held at Centerstage Tomas Morato, Universal Philippines and Orion Entertainment launches the newest band in town - She's Only Sixteen.

The band is composed of Roberto Sena - Vocals/Guitar, Anjo SIlvoza - Bass, Andrew Panopio - Guitar, and King Puentespina on drums. They've been playing on gigs around Manila for almost two years until Orion talent manager discovered their talent which started last July.

Their name was inspired from a song of Red Hot Chili Peppers - She's only 18.

After listening to their demo performances Universal Records Philippines and Orion Entertainment decided to handle them as a new promising band.

They may sound international but for them music shouldn't be separated from international sound. So it becomes a compliment when people tell them that praise but they got dismayed when liked it that way.

Roberto Sena, the lead vocalist is the son of theater actor Robert Sena. He prefered to be called by his last name. When asked about it he said "I dont want to use it that I am the son of Robert Sena. I am proud of them but I dont want to use their names to be known"


Interview with She's only Sixteen

Define Music. Garage Alternative Indie, We are really inspired by many great artists
The good thing? we are not boxed.

How do you compose songs?
Sena: Sometimes in MRT or LRT I create a lyric then I share it with the band.

How mainstream are you willing to go?
As long as we like playing our music then it doesn't matter.

When are your gigs?
This saturday will have gig at Ateneo Irwin theater and on Nov. 9 we will be performing for the launch of SpongeCola in Eastwood.


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