Are you planning to build a house?  Do you want it to have a great look?

At Stripp Joynt Chicago Woodworking Shop they have a wide variety of services that will suit your taste, like on-site stripping and refinishing, antique repair and restoration, upholstery,  and making hardwood floors.

And also, this quality Chicago furniture shop builds custom cabinets  In on-site wood stripping, they refinishing wood fixtures like doors and windows, trim and staircases, church pews and other hard-to-remove objects.

Meanwhile, refinishing is one of the difficult yet messy process, and their handful of experts will protect it by covering floors, walls and furniture.

While restoring antique furniture, the woodworkers will re-glue, repair and restore its original finish and condition. Refinishing hardwood floors to their original luster can be one of your options or if you want to install new hardwood flooring, you can request it to them.

Lastly, they are customizing kitchen cabinets in a wide variety of woods and finishes. Try Stripp Joynt and see great results!

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