If you have been following the longest-running comedy/gag show "Bubble Gang" and its hugely-watched segment "Boy Pick-up," you probably already know that the character of Sam Pinto named "Neneng B." stands for "Neneng Baket."  Aren't you wondering how she became a "Baket" girl?

Tomorrow night (October 19), "Bubble Gang" will feature five short (comedy) films directed by four independent film directors and the show's own director, Uro dela Cruz, in a special anniversary episode entitled, "Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special."

One of the hilarious short films is "Bakit Tinawag Na Neneng Baket si Neneng B." written by Mon Roco and directed by Dante Garcia (Ploning).   The short stars Sam Pinto and Ogie Alcasid with the rest of the Bubble Gang Cast. It tells the background story of how "Neneng B" the character popularized by Sam Pinto in the well-loved Bubble Gang segment, "Boy Pick-up," got her name.  "Bakit…" narrate events in the life of Neneng B and how she became so meticulously inquisitive to deserve her now popular name.
Watch "Bubble Gang's" funniest episode ever -- "Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special" -- tomorrow night after Inside Protege on GMA-7. 


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