Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 grand winner Slater Young was hurt in a minor car accident yesterday morning.

While he was driving home to their house in Cebu, suddenly he drove his car into a dead end road or cul-de-sac.

"Akala ko nasa main road pa ako ng subdivision mabilis yung takbo ko. Pag-right turn ko akala ko yun yung daanan yun pala may cul-de-sac (dead end) na siya. Ayun pag-break ko, tumama ako sa gate."

He stepped his foot on the brake to prevent a full-on crash. He also said the road was not well-lit and that he was sleepy while driving. 

"Ang nangyari lang my foot was on the break, na yung nakita ko siya (dead end), nag-break ako ng sobrang lakas para siyang may whiplash at nagbend yung foot ko," he said. 

He tweeted on his Twitter account that his x-ray results showed that he twisted his foot but there are no ligaments torn or fractures.

"Had a minor accident sa car.. Twisted my foot. Galing ako sa xray.. Thank God bruised lang! :) have to use crutches for a few days though."
He said that he is now resting at home and extended his appreciation to all his fans who expressed love and concern for him.

"Thanks for the well wishes guys! Im home na. Sinamahan ako ng mom nd dad ko kanina sa hospital. Sweet nila. :) @original_slater @YoungSalome."
Young's doctor advised him to use crutches for 2 to 3 days.