After the success of tele drama The Good Daughter, Kylie Padilla continues to shine as a GMA Artist. Now the network has many plans on her career that's why she keeps on attending acting workshops to develop her craft on acting. "Gusto ko talaga maging drama actress that's why until now I still go to workshops to train more" Kylie said during a pocket presscon held at GMA last week.

When asked who is her dream lead actor partner she admitted "Alden Richards, kaya lang he's being paired right now eh".

The executives said that Kylie is a very versatile actress so whomever she gets partnered to she will become a better pair and that's for sure.

Here's an exclusive interview with Kylie Padilla:

In case na magkaroon ka ng chance na mag-aral ulit saan mo mas pipiliin?

Actually, kasama sa plano ko ay sa abroad. Kaya gusto ko ako yung magbabayad. Ayoko po kasing dumedepende kay Papa (Robin Padilla) palagi.

So gusto mong maging Independent? 

Opo. Happy Independence day sa lahat! Mabuhay po kayo!

For you what is Independence?

Well, accepting where you come from kagaya natin mga Pilipino. 

Freedom...parang you're comfortable of who you are at saka you know what your fighting for. Kasi lahat ng tao, they have their own way of looking at independence. Sometimes, you're on the wrong side if you're independent then you know which is the right side.

Sino para sayo ang true hero?

Andres Bonifacio. Everybody says Jose Rizal pero mas gusto ko story ni Andres Bonifacio.

Do you consider your Dad as a Hero?

Yes, My dad is a hero.

In what way?

He's a hero to Mariel.(laughs)

Who do consider as your present Hero?

GOD, when I'm having a hard time. Nagdadasal talaga ako. I have to believe in Him to get strength.

Did you choose to become a Muslim or to be an Actress?

I grew up being a Muslim. I know the beliefs, I know the preachings, I know the stories but hindi ako naniniwala na isabay ang pagiging artista at pagiging Muslim. Kasi I felt that I'm betraying myself. Kasi minsan yung mga suot ko dito sa showbiz, hindi pwede sa Muslim. But in my heart, I'm still a Muslim.

Bata pa kami nung time na yun. We really don't have a choice. We were taught to be a Muslim.

Is it hard being a Muslim and Actress at the same time?

It was hard nung una kasi hindi naiintindihan ng mga tao kung bakit ako nagartista. Especially with my sister, nag-convert na sya fully into be a Muslim. It's hard to be converted.

Iba ang beliefs sa babae, at sa lalaki. I don't want to be a hypocrite in my own religion. That's why I'm not saying to anyone that I'm a Muslim.

How do you handle it?

When people asked me questions, I still talking about mt beliefs to Allah. He still my god, I pray to him. I think I still choose to be a Muslim.

How's your sister Queenie after you were launched together in shows?

When it comes to be an actress, I'm a lil bit expose but I'm getting use to it, the people compare me. They just need to know that I'm different path

Hindi na po sya nagartista, She's studying now. Kasi converted na sya into Muslim. She's in Australia right now with my Mom.