Talent manager Annabelle Rama has told "Paparazzi" host and columnist Cristy Fermin to keep quiet amidst tension over the resignation of actress Ruffa Gutierrez from the said  show.

She warned Fermin to keep her allegations in check after the latter insisted that Gutierrez was informed of the segment that caused her to quit the showbiz-oriented talk show. Fermin claimed in another entertainment talk show that Gutierrez "was briefed by the staff" on the interview segment "Bulong ng Palad," where the former beauty queen was made to answer questions whispered to her by her co-hosts.

She said that while her daughter was briefed on the segment, she allegedly did not know about the "lewd" nature of the questions.

"Nabasa ko 'yung sulat ni Cristy Fermin na alam daw ni Ruffa. Hindi alam ni Ruffa. Alam ni Ruffa may bulung-bulungan, pero hindi niya akalain ganoong questions. Na-shock siya na ang mga tanong puro kabastusan," Rama said.

In rebutting Fermin's account that Gutierrez was informed, Rama warned the "Paparazzi" co-host to keep quiet lest she provoke a "part 2" of their feud.

In 2008, Fermin was found guilty of libel that Rama filed against her by the Supreme Court.

The case stemmed from a 1995 article that appeared in the publication "Gossip Tabloid."

"Kaya Cristy, tumahimik ka na muna diyan kasi ayoko mag-part two tayo sa ating laban. Wala kang alam 'day," Rama said.

"Ikaw, isa ka rin sa bumulong ha. Meron akong tape sa bahay, pero hindi kita dinadamay, kasi ang bumulong talaga ng malaswa 'yung isang bading na kasama mo," Rama added.

During the Saturday episode of the show, Gutierrez expressed discomfort during the "Bulong" segment, asking why the questions were of such nature.

The former beauty queen had been told to pick among 3 names of her former boyfriends for an answer to each of her co-hosts' question.

One of the questions partly heard on air was "Who has the biggest...?"

Because of the incident, Gutierrez expressed on micro-blogging site Twitter that she felt maligned, saying the "birthday celebration" prompted her to quit from the show.

"Wala, hindi na siya babalik doon," Rama said.

Asked if she plans to pull out her daughter from the TV5 network, Rama singled out the entertainment talk show as the only program that Gutierrez will no longer be part of.

While she has no plans to file a legal complaint against the show and its hosts, Rama said she will "talk to the management" first.

In a statement, TV5 officials said they are "seriously concerned” about what transpired during the show.

The station also "vowed to launch an investigation into the matter."