Muhammad Yusuf did a great job in directing "The Witness", it was well written and thoroughly researched.

In all fairness, this movie is interesting, the trailer and it's title is also a plus factor.

Despite of being a newbie, Gwen Zamora did an excellent job in her acting, she delivered it very well. It was hard enough to do her scenes but she came up outstanding. Applause to her.

Though there are some boring part at the beginning but from middle to end you will see the beauty of it's storyline. Pay attention and be patient.

The whole cast were impressive. It is rare to see such actors that can make you absorb their characters. Kudos to Indonesian actors.

This is a great opportunity for Filipina Actress like Gwen Zamora because she represents not just her acting but Filipina as a whole. It's a chance to showcase Filipina talent to other countries.

In this movie, Gwen didn't fail the spectators in her acting. However she needs to work more on her voice because it sounded like it's not changing.

At the press screening of The Witness held at the Resorts World she got all the support from her co Kapuso stars ike Rhian Ramos, Tim Yap and Sara Labhati. (Rhian was not present during the press screening of My Kontrabida Girl)

The cast and director of the movie were also there. Lastly her(Gwen)  YSA Skin Care Family were also present to give a full support.

So why does she have white glowing skin? It's because of YSA.

Don't miss "The Witness" on March 21, 2012 on theaters nationwide under GMA Films and Skylar Pictures.