Indonesian director Muhammad Yusuf "The Witness" is here in the Philippines for the premiere of the said movie, starring Gwen Zamora.

It's such a great movie when I watch it recently. The film was graded A by Cinema Evaluation Board. 

"The Witness" is the first film that Muhammad did and collaborated with GMA Films.

"I enjoy doing suspense thriller films" 

He said he likes doing suspense films because it takes one's heart out. 

When he was looking for someone to play the role of Angel, Gwen was a perfect choice.

The concept of The Witness was originally a murder story.
"The story is good" he said

"Gwen is very unique. I dont know about Gwen. I dont know about Filipino artist. She blends in the character so that's why we chose her."

Yusuf is doing another collaboration with GMA. This time it's an action drama flick.

He recently saw Rhian Ramos, during his stay here in the Philippines.

"I would like to say I enjoyed here in the Philippines, I enjoyed the food, the people and movies" 

"I just watched Kontrabida Girl, very funny movie." he ends.