Regine Angeles was chosen as the new GlutaMAX Slim endorser. "The package speaks for herself" said Mr. Robert Nazal, the owner of GlutaMAX.

Regine's embodies light skin and light body she believes that she can influence others to aim for good overall health. "I suggest everyone to try Glutamax Slim" she said during the product launch held last March 16.

It was attended by members of the press media and hosted by YSA endorser Regine Tolentino.

GlutaMAX Slim is a dietary supplement that helps you to prevent fat from being deposited into the cells by speeding up the body’s fat burning process and at the same time makes your skin lighter and smoother.

It has CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid) a nutrient found in human breast milk, meat and dairy products which helps build lean muscle tissueand shed fat stored around the abdomen(belly fat) and thigh area. Another fat burning content present is L-Carnitine to burn fat easily.

It also has Reduced Glutathione which is the most powerful antioxidant in the body which makes the skin whiter and smoother and Sodium Ascorbate which speeds up the absorption of the Glutathione.

The benefits of using the proiduct are reduces weight, prevents fat regain, it promotes good health and radiates & lightens skin.

It can help you achieve your diet goals in 4 simple ways:

Shrinks the fat cells and metabolizes it into energy.

Increases lean muscles which naturally slims your body.

Increases your metabolism.

Targets problem such as abdomen and Thighs.

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