BBZ Innovation Going Global!

 BEER BELOW ZERO (BBZ) is definitely not your regular chilled beer with ice or any beer from a regular freezer.  This is perfect for people who enjoy drinking beer at the coldest possible state, just before it freezes.

If you’ve been letting your customers drink the usual chilled beer for so many years now, it’s time you break the uniformity and experience Beer Below Zero!  There’s nothing like BBZ to keep your bar overflowing with satisfaction.

Now, you’ll be able to reach beer drinking experience at its best. BBZ has pioneered and redefined the whole experience by heightening flavours that define every beer drinkers discriminating taste.  It’s not a new brand of beer nor is it a variant of one’s old brand.  It is still your favourite beer.  The difference is how it is kept at its most desirable temperature – ice cold but not frozen. It uses its own brand of freezers specifically manufactured according to their specifications to make sure the temperature is just right for beer. 

With this latest technology of developing ice-cold beer, bars and restaurants are now clamouring for a taste of this revolutionary freezing process that has been creating a big buzz. While BBZ services its clientele, the brand continues its out-of-the-box ideas, managing the creation of its edgy marketing collaterals, advertisements and promotions.

The pioneering force behind the extremely cold beer trend, has already spread the “cold treatment” to Guam, Hawaii, Singapore, Bangkok and Vietnam gaining a name in the international markets. Now on its 4th year, expansion plans include Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, HongKong, China, Macau and the mainland USA.  BBZ…….Proudly Philippine made. "