Since the beginning of Youtube in 2005, many young social networking and internet savvy has been hooked to its entertainment.

Filipinos around the globe never fails to participate in this global phenomenon. Videos and music has been uploaded in this social networking site for convenient entertainment in just a click.

Music videos, live performances, and lot of nothingness has been uploaded by each user and globally spread out for the sake of fun and leisure.

Filipino talents wouldn’t pass this severe entertainment line. As a young and entertainment thirsty kid back in the early year of YouTube, the first videos I browse were of Regine Velasquez’ and Mariah Carey and Utada Hikaru.

Watching their live performances back to back to back would satisfy my cravings for music and amusement. Also, youtube helped me watch concerts of Destinys Child, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot and many more.

Now, almost 10 years since the birth of the networking site, Youtube also gave birth to the entertainment industry’s biggest name today, with the likes of Justin Bieber, Marie Digby, Rebecca Black, Jessie J, Greyson Chance, and our very own Maria Aragon and Charice. Youtube is continuously introducing new talents to the world - from singing to dancing to acting to theater to how tos etc.

Now let us celebrate the greatest Filipino Youtube sensations that marked their fame via worldwide world. The simple video uploaded to give us entertainment, love and inspiration. Let’s roll the red carpet and make way to the ‘Famous Filipino Youtube Sensations’.

Multitudes of Filipinos know how to sing. Singing has been a passion for everyone in the Philippines. Since the earliest days of radio and television, singing contest are there left and right. These contests gave birth to the names of Donna Cruz, Kyla, Regine Velasquez, Sarah Geronimo and many more. Thousand of hopefuls joins singing contest for fame and living.

But after the birth of Youtube, a twist arrived. Passionate singers went online and uploaded their videos. Some are lucky enough to gain fame and global attentions. And this is the start of Filipinos making mark on the worldwide web.

Charice Pempengco
The kid turned lady, dubbed by Queen of Talk Oprah Winfrey as ‘The Most Talented Girl in the World’. After being third place in a local singing contest in TV, Charice and fans never lose hope.

 2007 was the most remarkable year for this young caliber, after performing in Korea’s Star King; she was invited by America’s Most Popular Talk Show host Ellen DeGeneres to perform to the latter’s show.

Charice performed back to back big ballads that made Ellen and her audiences wowed to this kid and even gave her a standing ovation. Since then the rest is history for Charice, concert around the world, guestings, top charting album and singles (first Asian singer in history to land in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums chart) and landed a role in Glee. Charice could have been the female counterpart of Justin Bieber that made it big to the Hollywood, both are children of youtube.

Maria Aragon, Darren Criss, Rin on the Rox

Canadian born Filipino kid Maria Aragon paved her way to Youtube sensations after her version of ‘Born This Way’ became viral. Entertainment blogger Perez Hilton pitch the video to Lady GaGa and the latter twitted this youtube video to her official twitter account and reached over 11 million views in no less than a week.

She was also invited by the pop star to share the stage and sing in GaGa’s Canada leg of her concert tour. She was also invited in Ellen DeGeneres’s show and became a worldwide sensation. Next thing she knew she have an album and back to back specials.

Darren Criss over a million hits and millions of view earned after his theater performance of ‘A Very Potter Musical’ has been uploaded to youtube. Now, the theater actor, singer and composer became American household name via Glee.

This cutie is a product of Filipina mother and European father.

Rin on the Rox earned hits after hits after hits after singer their covers of popular songs ‘Hush Hush’, ‘Halo’ and many more. Almost 46 million hits have been gathered for this Fil-Am duo that landed an appearance in Ellen’s show.

Aj Rafael, Jeremy Passion Manongdo, Gabe Bondoc

AJ Rafael is a Filipino American and certified Youtube sensation and internet superstar. Arthur Joseph to his family and friends is a simple kid from California that dreamt of making it big and singing it to the world. With God’s perfect timing and superb talent, AJ made it big across the globe, with millions of hits and sold out concert in the key cities in globe including in Manila. Aj continue to inspire young hopefuls to never stop to fulfill their dreams until it come true.

Jeremy Passion Manongdo is another Fil-Am who makes it big in Youtube land. With over a million of subscribers Jeremy, also known as ‘Passion’ became one of Youtube stellar. The name Passion was chosen by Jeremy for "the passion I had for music and the passion and love I had for my Lord and Savior Jesus.

Without Him, I am nothing, and I'm forever thankful for His love and His blessings." His influences, as referred to on his Soundclick site include Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many more.

Gabe Bondoc is a pop/acoustic singer based in California. He rose to fame through his acoustic sessions covering famous songs in his youtube channel with millions of hits. He gained a lot of attention with his laid-back attitude, smooth voice and amazing guitar skills. Even country pop superstar Taylor Swift became a fan this Fil-Am with his version of ‘Love Story’.

Dancing  Justin and Jeremy Garcia, Jabbawockeez


Justin and Jeremy Garcia is Filipino twin toddlers became household names in the US after the viral videos posted by mom and dad caught the attention of The Huffington Post, NYmag.com and CBS news. Currently, they have more than 6 million hits for their dancing video ‘Hey Ya’. Just recently, they were featured in US Entertainment show, The Insider.

Jabbawockeez is a seven member male hip hop crew bested in America’s Best Dance Crew season 1. Known for their masks and gloves, this crew is composed of Filipino and American members. Their performances in the reality show became viral in youtube and facebook. They have reached million hits in less than a month and still counting.

Mikey Bustos, Bekimon, Lady Gagita and Heronce


                                                     Lady Gagita/Haronce
Mikey Bustos is a Fil-Canadian stand-up first took his tricks to the worldwide world in 2006 and became famous for tutorial on Pinoy accent. Up to this very day his Filipino Accent Tutorial weaving 5 million hits. Just recently, a local product gets him for an endorsement here in the Philippines.

Bern Josep Persia is most popularly known as Bekimon. The mother beki of Gay Lingo rose to fame after his viral self help and feel good videos posted in his youtube account. Speaking the hilarious language and strange word spellings Bekimon language became popular to the Philippines. After his viral videos he landed a role in ABSCBN drama series and many appearances.

Vinzon Booc a.k.a. Lady Gagita and Harold Palermo a.k.a. Haronce are two friends created a sensation out of boredom. Uploaded their parody of Lady GaGa and Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’, they garnered thousands of views in one sitting. Even acknowledge by Ryan Secreast as one of the biggest and grandest GaGa follower.

Filipino never fails to surprise the world with lots of entertainment. In less than a year, with this high-tech media streaming, another big name will be born and will show the world how talented a Filipino is. This form of social networking can even replace the watching habit of people. Come that day, lets welcome the new sets of Filipino Youtube Sensations.