Today is December 30, the day when Jose Rizal was shot in Bagumbayan.

He became Philippine`s National Hero because of his martyrdom to save our country from the colonic hands of the Spaniards. He was a great influence to his countrymen, and he is also recognized all over the world because of his being multi-skilled and intelligent personality.

He was a good example to the youth, the history tells the story of his life emphasizing the life of being a good citizen

Now that he is dead for a very long time, Filipinos commemorates him by celebrating Rizal day every 30th day of December. This is an official legal holiday. Despite of the many personalities who also became a hero icon like him, some were dead already, some were still alive, he is still the most important among all. One proof is - his picture is the most printed thing in t-shirts and bags. Specially his headshot, for sure he feels so happy because he is remembered in this way. 
The most significant park in the Philippines is a tomb of a National Hero. Rizal Park was named after a great doctor, a famous revolutionary and our National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal.