RESCUE 5, the emergency response unit of NEWS5, is offering viewers one of the best and most practical gifts they can receive this Christmas - a series public service interstitial segments that show how to celebrate the holidays safely and respond to any emergencies that may occur.
  The segments, which will be replayed regularly, focus on probable emergencies that may happen - fires, firecracker injuries, choking and even strokes.
 “Simple commonplace events … can lead to something terrible. Mahalagang maging handa tayo sa ganitong mga pangyayari (It’s important to be prepared for these events),” says NEWS 5 reporter Benjie Dorango.  
  Meticulous research was involved in RESCUE 5’s simulation of emergency situations and the corresponding responses for each event.
   RESCUE 5 Team Leader Paolo Bediones stressed: “It is crucial that we inform ourselves regarding these.  Not only is there a premium on knowing these things but it can ultimately mean life and death for our family members … it is also important that we equip ourselves with the right information - following hearsay when it comes to first aid can actually make things worse.”
  “It is perhaps the best gift we can offer to our viewers this holiday season - more than giving them tangible and material objects, we thought it would be best to impart knowledge instead.  Gifts and goodie bags are fleeting whereas knowledge stays a lifetime,” said NEWS 5’s Head of Public Service Sherryl Yao.
Be sure to catch RESCUE 5’s latest interstitials airing throughout the holiday season on TV5 and AKSYON TV.

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