Fil-Am singer Anna Maria Perez de Tagle will soon start her debut on Broadway by starring in the 40-year-old rock musical "Godspell."
  "It's really a dream come true for me," said the granddaughter of veteran entertainer Sylvia La Torre. "I'm living in New York now and I always have high regard and respect for people on the big stage because you always have to try your utmost best the first time, there's no second takes.", she said
 Anna De Tagle, an accomplished singer had a recently completed a concert tour with the Jonas Brothers, said that her experience prepared her for the rigorous demands of doing a Broadway show.
  "I'm just ready for it. I think I am. I can't wait to be in the theater every night for two and half hours and having a great time," she said.
  "Godspell" is set to preview on Broadway this October. The show opens on Nov. 7.

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