Original heartthrob Aga Muhlach went in Wyoming, Alaska and Montana to tape his new show on TV5, which is "Pinoy Explorer" starts this sunday September 18 at 6:30 pm.

This is another concept and first thoughts of Aga Muhlach to show that he would like to do when he moved to TV5.  It's a dream come true project for him - the show Pinoy Explorer and it was dubbed as "edutainment." Aga has been dreaming to go around the world and his main target is to go diving with the sharks in North Africa. The show Pinoy Explorer answered his prayers.

"Masaya ako kasi mapapanood ako ulit ng mga bata sa TV" Aga said.AGA, along with the executive of TV 5's Perci Intalan travelled with renowed director Rowell Santiago and his crew, to explore half of the world as they made eight episodes for Pinoy Explorer.

They went to a lot of historical and amazing places wherein dinosaurs lived.

"Ang sarap ng experience dahil natravel ko ang mga magagandang lugar, nakakapag bahagi pa ako ng mga mahahalagang impormasyon sa mga tao." Aga said.

Aga definitely has the best job in the world.

Everyone is excited to see Aga Muhlach as he embarks on a series of adventures in exploring and discovering the world’s greatest wonders in Pinoy Explorer, the award-winning actor’s first foray into hosting which will air every Sunday on TV5 starting on September 18


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