Greenhills Shopping Center celebrates the color of Muslim culture in a two week festival from Sept. 9-19 at V-Mall.

The culture showcases the best of the arts, clothing, and culinary wonders of the south with over a thousand merchants participating.

Visit the feast and experience Mindanao desserts like doldol, the pudding made of coconut.

Feel the texture of hand woven malong or its Sulu counterpart the patadyong. Very historical pieces like swords and porcelain like the one you see on teleserye Amaya.

Muslim traders have long been part of the malls landscape. Almost all entrepreneurs around started in tiangge and later on expanded the business.

"This is a great time to experience a different aspect of Filipino culture. Truly this festival allows us to embrace a whole cultural experience. A lot of the vibrant and colorful decorations that you see around the mall are either passed on from older generations or especially hand woven for this event", says Greenhills Shopping Center General Manager Cathy Casares-Ko.

For more info visit www.greenhills.com.ph

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