E-games formally unveiled the Point Blank Philippines Grand Launch held at the Cyberzone at SM North Edsa last August 6 and it was full of fun and entertainment. The best part was seeing gamer Dianne Sison, she was so hot and sexy.

Point Blank Philippines, the newest online FPS which offers exciting game modes, gameplay, avatars with unique level progression system is the top online game in Indonesia and Thailand and also the no. 1 FPS game in Russia.

Point Blank is the latest massively multiplayer online first-person shooting ( MMOFPS) game of IP e-Game Ventures in the Philippines. It is similar with gameplay of Crossfire and Counter Strike. "I don't play shooting but I played Warcraft before, though I was not able to play Counter Strike yet, I had an easy adjustment when I played Point Blank" Jinri Park shares.

This game is developed by Zepetto Inc. a game developer based in Korea, Point Blank is being played by millions gamers around the world. It is also has the significant foothold in major gaming markets in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

“Point Blank is definitely a game-changer in the local online FPS game market, “ X-Play Online Games Chief Operating Officer Ronald Aquino said. “The game offers a breadth of features that players look for from an online FPS game that they cannot find from the other titles.”

The gamers who joined the event really had a great time playing, and were all happy because of the exciting fun games and there were a lot of prizes. Again, they enjoyed seeing sexy Dianne Sison who was the awesome host for the event.

Vice President for IP e-Games Marketing Miguel Bueza said that the company has agrresively promoted Point Blank Philippines which began nearly 3 months ago. “We certainly upped the ante when it comes to promoting the game, “ Bauza said.

“Gone are the days wherein we would just post ads on magazines and newspapers, take television and radio spots, or let the poster do taking. We are now taking advantage of the means that takes us really near to us target crowd.

Silent Sanctuary performed on stage and many lucky gamers went home with cool and exciting Point Blank goodies. Woot! 2x

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Point Blank players can view updates and download the game at http://www.pointblank.com/

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