Yahoo, the premier digital media company has partnered with Nielsen to conduct it's annual Net Index Study for 2011. The study provides in-depth insights into the current internet trends, evolving digital landscape and the online behavior of the Filipinos.

Study shows that online browsing from Internet cafes decreased from 71% to 66% and home internet increased from 31% to 35% over the past two years.

Search plays a significant role in the overall engagement on the Internet as Filipinos goes online for leisure and entertainment, particularly international music (68%), local music (65%) viewing photographs and videos(59%) and playing games (55%). Social Networking(82%) is at par with Search and also popular among the Filipino Youth.

An event was held in Yahoo office in order to discuss the study with the people from the press and media and during the event it was also discussed how Advertising changes has affected the trend.

"Net Index provides in-depth consumer insights that help marketers as well as Yahoo to craft meaningful strategies, engage with consumers and drive real results" said Country Ambassador of Yahoo Philippines Arlene Amarante

Because nowadays, a lot of effort drives content to fan pages, but the question is what do you actually put in a fan-page?, it can be all about the brand but the problem is what kind of information do you put in order to sustain conversation.

Advertising wise, Yahoo still remains a source of reliable information if someone would look for a product information online. Nowadays people would like a product's fan page but people would like to know more about what the product will bring on to you.

This was the event I attended after the success of the first Yahoo OMG awards last June 21.

Country Ambassador Arlene Amarante also shared that they're doing a Yahoo Purple Thumb project soon to be revealed.


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