Its Red Carpet Premiere was held this July 31, Sunday, 8:00 p.m. at the Robinson's Galleria.

Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista's first international film A Special Symphony celebrates music, love, friendship and the inspiration that people can get from special kids.

The movie, set to open nationwide on August 3.

"It is an inspiring movie- honest, simple, but powerful," says Christian. "I hope everyone will be inspired when they watch the movie."

Christian, currently in the thick of taping for the international musical series The Kitchen Musical with Karylle in Singapore, will go home for the day of the movie's Premiere Night.

A Special Symphony follows the journey of Filipino struggling singer Jayden (Christian) towards finding his purpose and happiness.

The movie is bold in tackling the needs of special children in the movie and how music, love, and friendship make life more enjoyable for them. Some members of the cast are, in fact, special kids.

The movie is being endorsed by Autism Society of the Phillipines.

A Special Symphony was inspired by the amazing story of a chorus of special children in Beijing, China, and how their exposure to music stimulated their minds, developed their well-being, and earned them the adulation of many people.

The song I am already King, which topped the MYX Daily Countdown and OPM Countdown for numerous days, is the movie's theme. The single is the carrier track in Universal Records' latest compilation album The Best of OPM Love Songs Vol.1.

A Special Symphony is produced by Nation Pictures Indonesia and is directed by Awi Suryada. It also stars Ira Wibowo, Ira Maya Sopha, and Gista Putri.

The movie will premiere in Indonesia this September.

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