Oh no! Last week, Frau was arrested for holding a Warfeil weapon and was given death sentence. Teito and Hakuren therefore teamed up to help free Frau from his underwater prison. While the two boys find a way to help save Frau by leading to fight Bastian, Castor receives unexpected intruders from the Black Hawks.

Trivia Question: “What were the names of the intruders from the Black Hawks?”

Animax will raffle out all entries and will pick the lucky person who will win an awesome Animax goody bag! Winners will be announced on this blog next week!

Send in your answers to animaxph.promo@gmail.com with subject "Animax 07-Ghost Fever 4"

Include in the body your name, mobile number and the url of this blog. Deadline for this entry is Friday, August 12 at 5:00pm.

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*Contest is only valid for participants residing in the Philippines.

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