This year's theme for the 13th Tour of the Fireflies is Bike Revolution 2011. Promoting Bicycle as a sustainable form of transportation.

I woke up late so I was not able to go to Tiendesitas for the assembly so I went to CCP instead for the halfstop. There was a program going on for the Earth Day celebration and part of it is the arrival of The  Firefly Brigade. Here are some of the photos during the 13th Tour of the Fireflies.
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Carlos Celdran said he also went to CCP to join the brigade going back to Tiendesitas. He was planning to wear his Damaso costume but he said it's heavy. He didn't bring his Samsung Galaxy Tab because it's also heavy. He just wanted to bike for clean air.
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A few days ago I met some of Ms. Earth Philippines candidates, and as promised they joined the tour as their way of saving Mother Earth. Good job ladies!
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I think everyone agrees with him.
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Bikers preparing for the next 21 Km.
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Model/Philanthropist Illac Diaz is also an advocate of Tour of the Fireflies
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Angel Aquino representing Greenpeace was at the CCP for the Earth Day program
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Tiklop Society of the Philippines
Photos of Carl (30)
MMDA Chairman Francis TolentinoPhotos of Carl (46)
Green Team
Photos of Carl (11)
Go Go Power Rangers

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