Guhit Sudlungan of PUP wins 1st Prize in the Avida Centera’s 3D Street Painting Festival

A total of more than 20 groups coming from different schools and company, 24 hours of non stop hard work all gathered for the love of art. And for the love to share their art.

One of the great things about joining competitions like this is the chance to showcase your craft at the same time creating an influential impact to the audience. This time it should fit a specific theme.

 Fast-forward: Life at the center of the Metropolis.

All participants started creating their artworks around 9 am March 18 and ended around 8 am March 19. To give you an idea here's the whole itinerary:

March 18, 8AM - Painting Starts (Friday)
March 19, 6AM - Painting Ends (Saturday)
March 19, 8AM - Judging

March 19, 10AM - Awarding @ MegaTent

It was really a tough competition, a whole day of fun, full flow of energy and ecstatically a masterpiece creation.

Here's the complete list of winners:

1st Prize:

Group: Guhit Sudlungan

Artwork: Greater Access to Convergence

Arnold D. Lalongisip
Neil C. Defeo
Joel U. Chavez
John Mark L. Saycon
Melanio B. Bulauitan III
Jasper C. Barra
Justito L. Fadriquela Jr.

2nd Prize:

Group: STYCON, (Style Concept)

Artwork: Connected and Green

Alvin G. Anoneuvo
Manolette Tizon
Jensen Gonzales
Paolo Cea

3rd Prize:

Group: team 420

Artwork: Metropolis Mania

Issay Rodriguez
Kat Fallaria
Ralph Barrientos
Analeah Aldaba
Clara Herrera

If you want to view and grab all the entries and see the winning photos , they're all here.

Visit http://www.facebook.com/avidalandcorp to support and “like” your favorite entry or call (02) 678-2692 for more details on the new Avida Towers Centera.

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