A beauty to behold, Janice looks fragile like a porcelain doll, beautiful and statuesque. But beware, she can easily throw you a punch that could send you flying!

Janice Hung, at a very tender age of 7, decided to be different. Where kids her age would rather play Janice dedicated many years of her life in Wushu. She has painstakingly mastered the art even if there were people in her life that were against her newly found passion.

Of course, not everything was about Wushu, Janice had to balance her time between studies and her training. Talking to Janice, you would hear a very intelligent person, an achiever who knows what she wants and get it too! A college beauty queen, she excelled in academics and in various extra-curricular activities such as basketball, volleyball and track and field. Because of her athletic excellence, she was given full academic scholarship at The University of Santo Tomas.

Because of the discipline Janice acquired from her years of martial arts training, she has excelled in all endeavours she has put her hands in. She became the driving force between two books on Wu Shu, named Tai Ji Quan and Tai Ji Jian. The books were authored by her coach and master, Dr. Yu from Beijing Sports University. Janice promotes these books with the main objective of bringing the benefits of great discipline and culture derived from ancient Chinese wisdom to and for the average Filipino.

A successful advertising model, she has endorsed several international and local brands like Chevron, Accel, Cream Silk Shampoo, Mc Donald’s , and Nescafe. She also handled the Kung Fu Panda Campaign.

Recently, Janice went into acting landing a role in the TV series called Rounin. This was followed by Kung Fu Kids and Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo.

A passionate community of artists, athletes, and professionals who are proactively committed in sharing opportunities to the youth through music, visual arts, sports, and other creative undertakings. The creative talent of the youth must be properly nourished, developed, and enhanced for them to become assets of the community and builders of the nation.

With the youth as the foremost beneficiary regardless of social and economic status, we are dedicated in organizing, promoting, and sponsoring nourishment missions or feeding programs, music camps, athletic events, musical concerts, art endeavors, and other related activities. Participating in these events shall provide the youth with social development, higher self-esteem, and multi-dimensional support system thereby having positive life skills as bridges to their dreams. These programs are realized through the support of local government units, business companies, and other civic organizations.


To organize, establish, and maintain an institution for the promotion, development, and support of sports and arts activities through the:
1. Conduct of sports clinics, tournaments, and art workshops;
2. Sponsorship of sports tournament & games and art exhibits for and similar initiatives;
3. Marketing and Promotion of sports & arts;
4. Publication of arts and sports journal and other media intended to inculcate awareness and appreciation of the sports and arts;
5. Establishment of the athlete and artist development and livelihood fund;
6. Act as conduit, and/or manage, financial assistance to athletes and artists;
7. Conduct of sports training and art workshops and other outreach programs for indigent communities.

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