A few days ago we had the chance to interview Sandwich about their new album and it was like a usual inuman or tambay culture. They were eating and were sharing stories at the same time, so we took the advantage of asking them about their life as a band and the way they do music.
Sandwich releases "CONTRA TIEMPO" , their newest album carrying a 12-track all tagalog songs. Because they've noticed that they can't make a real good Tagalog song, this time they decided to compose all their songs in Tagalog.

Not all of us know that since Eraserheads time, Sandwich were already active in the music scene and they've been together for thirteen years now. Sandwich is composed of Raimund Marasigan, Myrene Academia, Mong Alcaraz , Diego Castillo and Mike Dizon.

Now Sandwich is back with their kick off single LAKAD which represents a promising step forward for the album. Lakad means walk in English. This song is about the Sumilao farmers who marched 1700-kilometers from Butuan to Manila as form of protest to President Noynoy Aquino regarding the Hacienda Luisita case.

Another carrier song is PUTIK, it is basically the story about Ondoy.
Raimund, Myrene and Mong were real life Ondoy victims, so from that idea they were able to create a song based on their true experiences during Ondoy.

Basically songs of Sandwich is based on their personal experiences, but to make it more interesting and unique they usually invent stories out of it and that becomes more fun.

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