It's proven that genes of Dolphy Quizon and Zsa Zsa Padilla produces a beautiful generation. Not only that, Dolphy's kids are great actors and talented musicians. Now here comes another daughter. ZIA QUIZON is the daughter of Zsa-zsa Padilla and Dolphy.

Among her first TV exposure was her guesting at ABS-CBN's talk show, "Simply KC" with sister Karylle from her mom's side.

She sings well and she has a pretty good voice when she and Karylle rendered song during her guesting on "Simply KC". Like her sister Karylle, she also dances gracefully. Watch out for her in ASAP.

Few days ago Zsa Zsa tweeted that she is signing contract with Polyeast Records.

And now Polyeast Records welcomes ZIA QUIZON as their newest contract artist who’s going to release her debut album this second quarter. It will be a pop-mellow jazz album.

L-R : Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla, Zia Quizon, Ramon Chuaying (PolyEast Records EVP), Jesmon Chua (PolyEast Records Operations Manager)

L-R : Carlo Orosa (Stages Managing Director), Chito Ilagan (PolyEast Records A&R Manager/ Producer)

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