• Persuasive Speech Topics (Persuasive)

Her's a list of Persuasive speech topics free for your speech class or other events you have to come up with speech topics that likely will attract the interest or attention for your information or persuasive presentation.

  • The Japanese yen is affected by the weakness of the dollar.
  • Why the national debt is a problem for you too…
  • The most effective litter prevention method is…
  • Why nepotism (favoring of relatives or friends) is bad/not bad.
  • Soft drugs are not soft at all.
  • Medication for general use should not be protected for 20 years.
  • Some species do not belong in huge marine aquariums.
  • Air ambulance helicopters are the most efficient way to help victims of road accidents.
  • Problems of the indigenous population in Australia.
  • Two primary issues related to water are availability and purity.
  • Electronic Baby Timeshare prevent teen pregnancy.
  • How to profit from a graduate student Sabbatical.
  • The Chinese Yuan/Japanese Yen/European Euro will surpass the Dollar as leading currency.
  • Plea bargaining weaken the position of a defendant.
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is/is not universal at all.
  • Persuasive Speech Topics (Informative)

  • The history of our currency.
  • Explain the terms Federal Budget Deficit, National Debt and Trade Balance, and present their relation.
  • Facts and figures of littering in your community.
  • How nepotism started in the Middle Ages.
  • The difference between soft and hard drugs.
  • How to get a patent for a medicine. (Or choose another object for more effective persuasive speech topics free for you)
  • How a giant sea aquarium is constructed. (E.g. Siam Oceanworld, Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium)
  • A day with the crew of an air ambulance helicopter.
  • Indigenous people around the world.
  • How to test the quality of water when travelling.
  • Stages of pregnancy. (week by week, or month by month)
  • Our graduate system compared to other countries.
  • How does the US Dollar affect the Euro?
  • Benefits of pleading guilty.
  • The European Convention on Human Rights explained.
  • Source: http://www.speech-topics-help.com/persuasive-speech-topics-free.html

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