We'd like to dance, dance like crazy. When we got invited to participate in MOVE project of GSK to fight PNEUMONIA, we decided to record our dance and also use it as our entry to Samsung Galaxy Crazy Things contest. It was fulfilling because we were able to dance for a cause and made an entry for a contest at the same time. We will keep on moving to fight PNEUMONIA.

The Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologists

With the help of GlaxoSmithKline, PAPP successfully generated 145 immunization pneumococcal vaccine to protect children from pneumonia, the number 1 cause of death among Filipino children (according to 2010 Lancet report) through “Move! Step Up Against Pneumonia”, a dance revolution led by Jason Zamora of the local dance group Maneouvres, during the 19th Annual PAPP Convention held at Shangri-La in Makati City.


Move! Step Up Against Pneumonia” is a ground project of PAPP to help promote the health of Filipino children, to generate, integrate, and disseminate knowledge of pediatric pulmonary medicine within the country.

According to the World Health Organization, infections and diseases caused by the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacterium are the leading causes of deaths of children all over the world, with about 800,000 kids dying from pneumococcal diseases globally every year. It is estimated that 37 Filipino children die every day because pneumonia.

Now on its third year, “Move! Step Up Against Pneumonia” aimed to generate as many vaccines that the project can get by calling medical practitioners to get involve to raise awareness on the need to protect children from pneumonia through vaccination by simply trading their white coats for dancing shoes for a day as they shake, move, and sway to lively music with Jason as their dance instructor.

Each shots of vaccines costs P1,000 and this will save children from the pneumococcal disease which can be prevented through immunization, usually given during the first year of life. This will be a big help because 145 children will be fortunate to be recipients of this vaccines, a costly childhood immunization program that has not been included by the government because of the lack of funds. Most of the countries in Asia however, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan have already incorporated the routine use of pneumococcal vaccines to infants.

Last year’s Move!

It  featured dancing doctors and three cities in Metro Manila, was able to protect over one thousand Filipino children from pneumonia. Spreading the project within key cities will definitely increase the donations of vaccines later on.

The Philippine Academy of Pediatric Pulmonologists is an organization of pediatric pulmonologists committed to promote continuing medical education, research and information in pediatric pulmonology for the benefit of its members and of the entire field of pediatric healthcare. Their motto, “Save Our Children’s Lungs,” embodies their unique contribution and is the moving force that compels each and every member to this service.

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