Philippine Wedding Venues: Fernbrook Gardens

During our tour in Avida last week I saw a beautiful church along the way. It was like Amsterdam. I never been there but I know how it looks like. It was unusual to see a beautiful architectural design like that. I really wanted to go down that time and take a picture of it. Unfortunately we were on a van on our way to Avida Cavite. Poor me, all I can do is stare at that beautiful church until it fades away. During that night I was dreaming about the church I saw. I asked what was the name of that church. Nobody answered until one day.......

I got invited by Iris Mejia-Acosta to attend the wedding of her big time Kuya Ryan. It was a fulfillment of my dream. Woohoo it will be on that church, yahoo! and I will now have the chance to see it in my face.

More that anything else I am so happy and honored to share some of the photos I took at Philippine Wedding Venues: Fernbrook Gardens.

Here's the map for your reference:

Enjoy the photos after the jump. Woot2x

more photos here -->> March 20, 2011 Ryan Noel and Canyl Trixia's wedding


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