One of the great things I neglected to do since I learned the digital way of keeping photos was the art of scrap booking. Because why would I like to collect my photos when I can just browse it through virtual process. Yes there is much difference, I realized that I was wrong. When you see your printed photos properly arranged and well decorated, it's more than a feeling of fun. It's a different level of happiness which I can say it's worth doing for. This is what I felt last Sunday at our Scrap booking activity at the Filstar head office in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

What is scrap booking ?

It's a collection of pictures we get like clippings from newspapers, small pieces of decorations and old memorabilia.

There's so many ideas we can do in scrap booking like a birthday album, wedding album or our baby photos. It serves as a family treasures kept as albums. It means different things to different people.But for me they are all right.

In our Scrapbooking activity I learned unique and varied styles, different kind of journaling,
some cool styles, and to how to keep beautiful pages of photos.

A good scrapbook page do tell a story, and that is the heart of scrapbooking.

It is also like storytelling, but in a precious, personal way of expressing. It is organizing of moments of the past that gives meaning for future generations that will be able to see it.

Truly, events make up lives, and I can say that it is a celebration of living.

When you try to collect your old photos and then you put them together, captured moments becomes especially unique to a person or to your family. Scrapbooks today are preserving yesterday for tomorrow.

Also scrapbooking is a special community. You'll find friends and art enthusiasts in workshops,just like what happened last Sunday during our activity. Scrap booking phenomenon is remarkably social, during our scrapbooking activity I observed that each one is really giving effort on decorating our albums. It's hard to think of ideas but when you get the momentum it becomes a lot easier.

Although scrapbooks are all about storytelling, they are also about being a part of a community.
Scrapbooking is definitely for all ages. It 's an activity full of fun, excitement so that our captured moments will be cherished forever. I would like to share what I learned in our scrap booking activity.

4 components of scrapbook:


In a scrapbook page you write about your personal experience. Photos should always have a story.

Tips: There should be a focal point which is the biggest photo and placed along center, so that when you open the album, it becomes the center of interest. Your photos should not be of the same size. As much as possible do not use even photos, always an odd number of photos


There should always be a title placed on the first page.


Show your creativity by putting accessories to the pages of your album. This also reflects your personality.


Share and Tell a story by writing a journal. This what makes a scrapbook special. This is what makes it different from an ordinary photo album. No matter how simple your page is, it is important that you have a journal.

Photos and Invitation from Jeman Villanueva. Good Job!

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