We live in a country that’s rich in amazing sights and wonders, not all of us realize this fact. We need to rediscover what makes the Philippines the most amazing place on earth! With Basta Pinas, Byahe Tayo Project we will get the chance rediscover.

Basta Pinas is a travel advocacy campaign that invites every Pinoy to see the Philippines from a fresh perspective. This campaign was launched to the press and media on March 22 at the Oceana San Miguel by the bay. It was well attended by respected people form the government, journalism and people from Johnson and Johnson, the makers of Bonamine.

more photos of Basta Pinas Biyahe Tayo here:


This project is being led by Bonamine in partnership with DOT. Its goal is to inspire every Pinoy a deeper appreciation of this country, by encouraging fresh perspectives and new adventures. There’s never been a better time to go exploring. Bonamine’s here to ensure you enjoy your trips every step of the way.

Because when travelling to the Philippines, the last thing you would want to take is motion sickness. It's hard to enjoy the experience when you've got sweaty palms, blurred vision and waves of Nausea to deal with.

The simplest act of travelling can be enjoyable again especially when you take motion sickness out of the picture. This is the role of Bonamine, ensuring that you'll have an enjoyable trip.

So Basta Pinas, Byahe Tayo

*Take Bonamine 1 hour before travelling

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