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photos by Mark Cerbo

What is YUOY!?! 

Yuoy! is the latest song by the independent Hip Hop group Q-York.  Two years ago they heated up the Philippine music scene with their smash hit “Mainit” The song and the music video were definitely memorable and Yuoy! along with it’s music video promises to stir up even more buzz because the message behind the music.

Yuoy! is an expression created by DJ Flavamatikz of Q-York.  Having grown up in Queens, New York, Yo! is a familiar expression for Flava.  Upon transferring to the Philippines, Flava combined the common Hip Hop expression of Yo! with the tagalog words “yun” and “hoy!” to create “Yuoy!”  This expression can take on a multitude of meanings.  It can be a greeting, it can be used to express something cool, it represents freedom.

It is this limitless creativity of the concept of “Yuoy!” which serves as an inspiration to OPM and Pinoys in general.  For this reason, Project Headshot Clinic, founded by Niccolo Cosme has decided to support Yuoy! and Original Pilipino Music.  Say it loud, say it proud…Yuoy!!!

                                                 Paloma on Project Headshot Clinic - Yuoy!
One of the most searched pinay celebrities Paloma Esmeria participated in this project to promote OPM and her true self. Carrying her latest soon to be released album "This is me" , and also the title of her first song which she has been working out presently with a music video.

"It's all about me actually, things I've been thru and my experiences. We are presently doing it's music video. It's actually hip-hop, rap, there's R n B and mix. I'm also putting one reggae song 'cause I love reggae as well. I love reggae songs like "Could you be love by Bob Marley and songs of other reggae stars."

"This is me" is also her way of telling to people that this is what she can do as well, aside from doing sexy pictorials.

"I can also do music, not just what you see in magazines."

Aside from being the singer, she is also the producer of this album.

"It's a 150,000 budget music video. This album is self produced, so pera ko lahat ang ginastos ko.
With this album, Hopefully I can promote Original Pinoy Music"
"The album is all about what happens to my life" Paloma added.

"It's really about me actually, that is why the title of the album is
" This is me". Hopefully when the first music video is out we can come out with the second, third , fourth, fifth and so on."

As of now Paloma has been working out the music video of the second song.

"I would still take any kind of opportunities that will be given to me whether it's doing a song or doing a magazine pictorials. I would still take it because that's work."

"Please support independent Filipino Music. Support us!" she shouts out!

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