Summer is near yet "love is in the air". And with that in mindset Electrolux, the major provider of home appliances is here once again to showcase it's latest products to show love for us and to our homes.

With this year's theme "Thinking of You", Electrolux brings Halsa into our home. For us to enjoy a wellness experience in our home specially with Electrolux air conditioners. It feel so good to blog when you have your room air conditioned right?

Well, this is just the start of Electrolux' series of events for this year according to Marketing manager Terry Sales.

Electrolux air conditioners

Electrolux brings the Swedes unique brand of wellness or Halsa into your home with it's newest air conditioners.

Health and Wellness stuffs is today's trend and as many Filipinos have been looking for ways to experience for better, Electrolux Air Coditioners is perfect for our lifestyle.

Major city has become polluted as it gets more urbanized to the faster pace of life, then it leads to greater stress. Air Conditioners is a great outlet to seek for relaxation and rejuvenate themselves. That is why Blue Water Spa has also partnered with Electrolux giving free massage to the guests. I will post the video soon.

Get Halsa in your home with Electrolux - with the new Electrolux air conditioners, wellness is truly in the air.

For customer care, please contact:

Customer Care : (+63) 2 845 2273
Toll Free Number : 1-800-10-845-2273
Email: wecare@electrolux.com
Website: http://www.electrolux.com.ph/

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