Majority of businesses that sell or offer services online have difficulty in attracting customers to buy or pay from their website, primarily due to their customer’s lack of, or unwillingness to use a credit card. This situation is where many companies may have had difficulties in actually selling and receiving payments from prospective online customers.

Cashsense Inc. is a Technology based Remittance and payment processing company based here in Manila with overseas operations.

Other business lines are: Payroll Services for domestic companies and Merchant Payment Services for pay by cash transactions available at M Lhuillier and 7-11.

Cashsense services have become very appealing to online merchants based in the Philippines, as this provides not a replacement, but rather an alternative payment solution to their existing credit card based payment system.

To give a little more detail on Merchant Payment Services, Cash Pay service provides merchants with the option (besides credit card) to allow customers to pay for their goods and services online - with cash. This then opens up a whole new market by giving customers who do not have or don’t wish to use a credit card the ability to buy and pay, for online goods and services. It provide merchants an easy way setup and accept payments online.

Here are the advantages:
a. No setup/integration fees
b. No software purchase
c. No bond/security deposit
d. No monthly fees
e. No credit card charges

For customers, all they need is to bring the payment due to the merchant at any of the accredited payment facilities plus the service charge.

Cashsense Online Payment Services will provide every online merchant an efficient low cost solution based on automated, systemic messaging, i.e. once a customer has selected an item from your website, all they need to do is pay-in funds via M Lhuillier and 7-11 to get their payment to you.

Cashsense (is integrated) and will:
1. recognize that payment is received
2. immediately notify you that product has been paid, and delivery or download can commence

Cashsense is interested in talking to all online merchants, and discuss other areas of potential partnership and cooperation. For more details visit http://www.cashsense.com/shop/Login.aspx


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