Omytxt gave us a first look on what they are going to launch soon.

Here are some photos during the meet up with the the executives, Blue De Venecia - Globe Director was also there to give us insights about globe apps in connection with omytxt

90's was the era of flip phones, like the big ones aka "pampukpok". And so a lot of things happened , Martin and Gilbert together with friends from other telco industries kept brainstorming ideas regarding the changes beginning mid 2000 - present in he society.

Things happened that Martin and Gilbert were considering in creating the concept of Omytxt:

Financial crisis happened, they thought that the propensity of consumers to spend was damped, and some were scared to spend.

Almost all people had cell phones.

• The introduction of social media specifically facebook.

Since there's already the social media platform Martin and Gilbert felt that conversation already can be done without sending text messages, that also helped damped the usage of cell phones a bit .

Here's a short background from Omytxt President Martin Nery and Director Jose Gilberto Paras
who has been to the telco industry since the 90's
It's time to change the model of messaging. Today it's mostly free for the guy who sends the message thru a mobile phone but the guy who replies get charged. This is the underserved market who wants to control user experience Omytxt is targeting. - Omytxt President Martin Nery
 Like any sms or phone call today, it's a calling party of place . A simple chat away without waiting for the guy to reply. This market segment was relatively untapped because the model has not been changed for the last decade. They also see some other elements like paypal, credit card payment online and gcash so might as well give a shot on it. And so they formulated Omytxt.com.

Omytxt is the first one that attempts to serve the underserved segment of the market wherein you don’t need to wait for a reply , you just buy credits online and continue sending messages online. - Director Jose Gilberto Paras

I encourage you to also experience Omytxt online
Like them on facebook and
Register now.

Omytxt.com is the newest pc-sms messenger wherein you can chat with your friends a lot easier. If you are familiar with Chikka, you also would want to try this. It is most likely the same but has a different structure. This Christmas season you'll have a chance to get up to 100 free messages everyday. It is easy to use - no need to download the application and you can even connect this via facebook.

 It doesn't work to the conversation that doesn't reply and it is very useful in sending one message to all contacts, so here are  the rates when you use omytxt messenger.
Cheap Sms Rates:
  •   p 0.25/SMS via globe mobile and 
  •   p 0.50/SMS when you reply from cellphone
It works for Globe numbers, (only for now since it's on beta), it will also work for smart and sun soon. Every time you add a friend (up to 20 Globe contacts only for now), you both get 5 textback credits.
I'm so lucky to become one of it's beta testers, so I'm going to share how to create an omytxt account:

1. Go to homepage www.omytxt.com and register. Fill out registration and agree on terms and condition. 
*I suggest using your facebook email so that you can enjoy facebook inside omytxt

2. Verify Email, Activate account then log-in to omytxt messenger.
As soon as you get registered you can now send messages
3. Start adding mobile and PC contacts, the added contacts will be shown on your contact list

*for mobile contacts, make sure to add globe numbers for now.

*for PC contacts

                                            You can search a username or name of a contact

To make things clear here are Omytxt features:

  • web based messenger, no download required
  • 2 way to pc mobile messaging and vice versa
  • maintain private archive of your conversation
  • you can choose different skin
  • emoticons enabled
  • easy to connect to facebook
  • offline messaging

When you become omytxt.com member you get 5 text back credits per friend per day. You need to register first and then you can get up to 100 free messages everyday! And your added mobile contacts will also receive 5 free txtback credits everyday which they can use txtback credits to send you messages for free

It has FB integration where you can login and update using your facebook account. Enjoy chatting !

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