• Kraft Eden's Sarap ng Pasko 100 days of Christmas started as early as September this year, and it opened up the world of oppurtunity to love. I was able to witness the live performances of Jovit Baldovino and the rest of artists who sang Kraft Eden's Sarap ng Pasko song. (I had an LSS with this)
“It is very evident that Filipinos have an innate sense of early excitement for Christmas time whatever situation they may be in,” Kraft Foods Philippines’ Category Marketing Manager Alex Dan Tacderas shares. “That is why we wanted to embody this excitement and bring the entire nation together for Christmas.

I started appreciating the spirit of Christmas early this year. Since September the One Nation to Start the World’s Longest Christmas Celebration was spearheaded by Kraft Eden Cheese. 100 towns nationwide were asked to cook dishes with Eden Cheese to represent their town as part of the world's longest celebration. I myself is a witness of this celebration because I always got invited in this series of events. I was there when they put up the giant Christmas Tree in SM Mall of Asia. That Christmas Tree represented all the 100 towns who participated in this celebration. Now with a natural love and passion for food, this pioneering celebration is not about competition alone. It's more of a spirit in bringing the entire nation together to share the tastiest dish this Yuletide season.
I am thankful because I am still part of this celebration. After the long series of celebration , I was able to attend the awarding ceremony of the town who became the 9th winner of this celebration, Mandaluyong City. Chef Celina David introduced us the winning recipe called the Trio Cheese Delight. I never experienced eating this kind of turon yet but I did appreciate it's taste. It's made up of gabi, malunggay, kalabasa, eden cheese and corn wrapped altogether. It so natural and it's ingredients are really filipino.

I had a chat with the Kraft Eden Family and they were able to share the happiness and the story behind this.
 "Filipinos love Christmas, and this is probably why they want to celebrate and prolong it as much as possible, we want to impart a greater sense of community and oneness among Filipinos" shares Anna Sapitan, Sr. Brand Manager of Kraft Eden. I salute Kraft Eden for doing this, this kind of activity promotes goodwill which is one of the filipino traits we are known for.
 The Sarap ng Pasko 100 Days of Christmas gives away 2 million pesos in infrastructure and projects to winning Eden town. Alex Tacderas, Kraft Eden brand manager is very thankful because Filipinos really had great time in bringing it's values and tradition thru participating in this grand celebration.
I really appreciate how Kraft Eden brings meaning to the lives of others. For me, this celebration symbolizes the strong relationship the Filipino community has, I think we all deserve more than a recognition for doing this. It's nice to know that when you search "longest christmas celebration" in search engines sites, top results are coming from Philippine articles sharing their stories about the beauty of our culture and tradition.
 I agree that it was really the longest Christmas celebration in the world, with over a hundred towns and festivals, Kraft Eden Cheese envisioned the spirit of Christmas by spreading the love thru 100 days of Christmas project. I am very glad and honored that I was part of this celebration in spreading the word to the online community. And it was the last event that I attended for this year.  

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I will continue to spread the love in my own little way here in my blog. Merry Christmas everyone! (woot)

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