A few days ago we were able to witness the unveiling of Philippine's latest innovation, one of the world's first and only from PLDT, the company who pioneered the communication technology here in the Philippines.

My first telephone experience was with PLDT landline phone. I think telephone was the first gadget I really spent much of my time. PLDT has provided me connections to millions of Filipinos like my parents and relatives  in the states.

PLDT landline was my bestfriend a long time ago and during that time I always do telebabad. That time there's no other way to enjoy communication other than using the PLDT landline.
     Now the technology has evolved , as the internet advances PLDT has thought of an innovation that will surely change the lifestyle of the Filipino society. A telephone landline and internet connection combined together to perfectly suit our lifestyle. A few days ago PLDT TelPad was launched to the press and I was one of the first to use the Telpad. PLDT TelPad is a telephone landline with tablet that can be use for surfing the internet. Here are some photos :
      It is a digital and social tool of communication supposed to wave all voice system. A device which aims to change lives being a game changer and market shaker. Every trend like games and technology can be experienced here in the new PLDT TelPad. One of the interesting features of TelPad that I like is the game Angry Birds. I enjoyed watching Angry Birds played here.
The PLDT Telpad signals PLDT's entry into the digital age. Now is the time to ignite, inspire and innovate. "PLDT is very proud to bring to the Philippines towards first by introducing the PLDT Telpad" said MVP (chairman of PLDT)
    Overtime we've seen devices that redefined to live the world over, with so many forms of technology out there. TelPad is PLDT's way of redefining how you live yours. It's your landline reborn placing more power into your fingertips. With PLDT Telpad you can get news updates, update facebook status real time, stream popular videos on youtube and experience the most fun and exciting games above all you can relax and watch your favorite movies on high definition resolution. Everything that you need is in PLDT TelPad. 
During the launch I can take my eyes on Maxine Mamba, she was so hottie I can't resist to ask her about her new PLDT Telpad.
 A great recognition for us Filipinos because were able to create an innovation like this. The PLDT TelPad is conceptualized, developed and assembled here in the country that is why we should be proud of this. Visit the official PLDT TelPad Microsite.
Honestly, I would like to have a PLDT TelPad in our home but when I inquired at the booth I learned that in order to avail PLDT TelPad I need to have an existing PLDT myDSL connection, Since I don't use PLDT myDSL I am not qualified for application for reserving a TelPad unit. So I will just wait for my neighbors to have this then I will just borrow.

If you want to avail PLDT TelPad you need to avail or have an existing PLDT myDSL. So here are the plans
• Plan 1849 - upto 1 mbps
• Plan 2099 - upto 1.5 mbps
• Plan 3095 - upto 2.5 mbps
• Plan 4100 - upto 3.5 mbps

PLDT Telpad Plan inlcudes:
• Landline MSF with unlimited local calls
• High Speed DSL MSF for unlimited internet access
• FREE use of the PLDT Telpad unit
• Access to exclusive PLDT content

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