• I am exposed to events and I can't resist to become curious on how to start up a Photobooth business. I am planning to start a photobooth business soon. I am now canvassing cheap materials and things that I need to buy in order to start.
My checklist on How to start up a Photobooth business:
  • Photobooth Box  19000
  • Lights 4000
  • Software 3000
  • Monitor (16"-19") 3500
  • Camera 20000+
  • Laptop 20000
  • Props (optional) 4000
  • Tarp Stand (optional) 4000
Now I am ready for this since I already have some of those in the list. All I need to to do is to find where to buy a cheap photobox, and here are my options

  • Hidalgo Quaipo
  • Divisoria
  • Ask a carpenter
  • Ask a photobooth owner
I like photo blogging so maybe I will end up using the name of my blog to my photobooth. Good Luck to me! Woot2x.

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