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In celebration of Lopez Museum 's 50th anniversary, the museum invited artist's collectives such as Plataporma, Pilipinas Street Plan and artist Maya Munoz for the exhibition Extensions

I am one of the lucky participants who visited the exhibit for free. I am not so familiar with some of the artist but then I enjoyed the visit.

This is a part of the work of Maya Munoz called "Coming it Going" an oil on canvas. She is a trained artist in the U.S. and became a recipient of the Ateneo Art Awards in 2006.

This one is an artwork of the group called Pilipinas Street Plan. It is a community that showcases a unique way of art on streets in the form of stickers, graffiti, posters, objects and happenings. Among all the artworks , this is the most interesting for me. I can't take my eyes on this, for me it's all attractive.

I also liked the icon "Aling Dionisia" that they made here.

Another part of Extensions is Plataporma, it is a process-based arts and cultural research collective geared towards investigating notions of spectatorship and the relationship between culture and technology with different public spheres. It is composed of Buen Calubayan, Lauren Villarama, Mark Salvatus and Mervin Espina.

Rock Ed Philippines is also part of the exhibit, a group of volunteers composed of a coalition of several creative groups and individuals. Visual, literary and performing artists, young professionals , educators, the creatively unemployed, freelancers, corporate hounds, IT experts, film makers, medical professionals, athletes-mainly private citizens comprise the core group and they provide venues and events for alternative discussions.

This photo represents the life inside the jail. A critical look at the Philippine Justice System. Rock Ed's documentation about the Philippine culture that features a lot of unsolved cases in prison, society problems and justice system in the country. It aims to raise questions regarding what spaces of culture are, and the positioning and control that takes place within such places.

Sometimes I wonder what will I learn when I go to a museum, when I can learn this in a history class.
But that changed when I visited The Lopez Museum. I realized that art affects the society.

  • Aside from giving us a history background, it explains the different culture and how does it affect the society.
  • It reflects our culture and history, 
  • It also provides valuable insights into ourselves, our surroundings, and the society we live in, making it possible to teach certain concepts from other disciplines/subjects through art.

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