After attending Undaunted, The Lopez Legacies Book Launch a few days ago, we were invited to visit The Lopez Memorial Museum. This is like an extended experience in connection with the Lopez Legacies. The Lopez Museum was founded on 13 February 1960 by Eugenio Lopez, Sr. in honor of his parents, Benito Lopez and Presentacion HofileƱa. Eugenio Lopez, Sr. built the museum to provide scholars and students access to his personal collection of rare Filipiniana books, manuscripts, maps, archaeological artifacts and fine art. The Lopez Museum collection stands as one of the oldest, publicly accessible private art collections in the Philippines.

Location: G/F Benpres Bldg. Exchange Road Corner Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig, Philippines, 1600; Phone: (632) 631-2417;

Open Monday to Saturday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm;
E-mail us: lmmpasig@gmail.com

I learned so much visiting the Lopez Museum and LibraryThe place where the personal collection of the late Lopez Group founder Eugenio H. Lopez, Sr.can be found. More than a collection it is a heritage of Philippine Art and Culture. I can say that seeing the artworks behind this museum is worth doing because it is an extension of learning the Philippine history and how it has evolved into a trusted and well-loved Philippine institution.
My most memorable experience here is - the work of Maya Munoz, Ateneo contemporary art awardee. This photo is a part of the exhibited work expressing Filipino culture. The Lopez memorial museum is an overwhelming experience because it promotes Filipino culture and it preserves the tradition our country is famous for. It extends the lifestyle of great Filipino Artists who gave us world recognition as a Filipino nation. Spare time to visit the "Extensions" exhibit at Lopez Museum.

I was surprised to learn that Philippine Street Art/Graffiti is now exhibited in museums such as The Lopez Museum. Because it is considered as an illegal form of art and often labeled as vandalism. But when I saw the works of Pilipinas Street Plan, I felt undying admiration for the artists, because I am a fan of pop culture. I am glad that this kind of art is now being recognized as Filipino culture.

Rock Ed Philippines is part of Extensions. And there are two things about Rock Ed's Exhibit. The quest for justice and the question of freedom. The group was assigned to do a documentary on jails, literally went all around the country visiting jails and detention centers.

The exhibit is called " Loob at Labas " and the group is composed of Mon Guinto, Gang Badoy, Gerhard Bandiola and Tammy David.

The prisoners are engaged in creating some artworks and displays made from recycled materials.

Here are some of the works that I liked in the museum :

Espanya Y Filipina
is a work of Juan Luna showing the friendship of Spaniards and Filipinas.

Hero's of the Past
by : Bencab

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