• Cashsense has a new service specially made for online merchants and sellers. It's called the Shop Online - Pay Cash, as you can see there's an ad banner on the right hand side of my site.
It's an online process wherein you can shop online and pay cash at convenience stores such as 7-11 and M Lhuilier. Simple, Cool and Convenient, and it aims to help online merchants in making more sales.

So how can I start using the Cashsense Shop Online if I am a merchant?

Step 1:
Register your own and your business details online thru Cashsense Shop Online Pay Cash

Step 2:
Receive access to your Cashsense Shop Cart

Manage Cart Products:                       Intuitive online store manager
Online Orders and Payments:              Real-time activity reporting
My Account:                                      Revenue Management

Step 3:
After adding your product, you can now get the code and embed it to your site to have an "add cart" button.
I tried it myself selling some cool stuffs here using my tumblr account. I just learned that Cashsense Shop Online codes are social network friendly because it works not only to multiply and facebook but even to stand alone sites. I wish that somebody will buy in my shop cart. Woot !

I succefully added the "add cart" button to my tumblr account! Yipee!


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