Cashsense has the latest service for online merchants and sellers, introducing the Shop Online – Pay Cash system.

What is Cashsense ?

Cashsense is a service-based payment processing company which embraces the advances made in technology within the financial sector to significantly improve cross and intra-border payment efficiencies.

Aside from money remittance, Cashsense also serves as an online payment system for online sellers and merchants. This system aims to help in making more sales. It is the cash-based solution for online shoppers available 24/7 nationwide incorporated with 7-11 and M Lhuilier. This is very usable for multiply and facebook users, and even for standalone sites.

The growth of online sellers in social networking sites continuously increases and so the Shop Online – Pay Cash can be a best tool for doing online business. Because Cashsense has made it easy for all online entrepreneurs to get paid, safely and quickly for the goods they wish to sell – and it needn’t cost them a penny, up front.

The first 25 registered online sellers starting Dec. 15 gets 50 % discount

For more details, please visit: http://www.cashsense.com/Shop/Login.aspx

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