Undaunted, written by Raul Rodrigo tells about the life of the Lopez Group, and how it inspired the Filipino nation.

I am always inspired every time I would hear about the story of The Lopez family, from the moment I watched the play(Undaunted) until I read this book.

This book tells about how did they worked out in times of trials ---- the tragedies that the family has gone through. The book “Undaunted” tells the story about a family that we Filipinos can be proud of. The story of their lives has been remarkable in our history

Being the Philippine's most remarkable business clan , The Lopez Family helped in sharing their values and concern for sustainability and with that they were able to partner with big companies who shares the same values.

They made big companies in terms of business such as Meralco and ABS CBN. The book tells the story on how the Lopez's played a big role in developing, and pioneering technology to the country.

The Lopez clan also succeeded in politics, business and philanthropy, noted for it's ability to recover from severe upheaval.

These four men are the most prominent bearer of the Lopez Clan :
  • Eugenio Lopez
  • Ening Lopez
  • Benito Lopez
  • Gabby Lopez
Eugenio Lopez became the mayor of Jaro, Iloilo from 1876-78. He leads the Ilonggos in fighting against Spain and the US

Benito Lopez was assassinated when he became the governor of Iloilo, that marked a huge change in their lives.

Ening and Nanding Lopez , the two orphaned sons of Benito Lopez founded the Lopez Group of Companies and embarked on careers that would eventually bring them to the heights of national economic and political power.

As one of the biggest companies, ABS CBN becomes the nation's biggest network. It was built by Geny Lopez who became a n instrument in protecting their assets during the Martial Law.

Once Martial Law was declared , the dictator moved quickly to seize the key Lopez family assets, among them Meralco, ABS CBN and the Chronicle. Soldiers took control of the premises of all three.

The story of the book Undaunted is about a generation of family who truly cares for the whole nation. That is how we know The Lopez Clan, that they always consider the nation as part of their triumph. There's more photos about their story that have not published, Undaunted is a compelling look at a compelling family.

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