Samsung celebrates the rainy season with budget-friendly washing machines


With the rainy season now officially underway, doing laundry truly becomes a chore: no thanks to the damp winds, clothes take forever to dry and when they finally do, they're usually left with an odour so unpleasant, you have no other choice but to rewash. Samsung solves this dilemma with its latest line of washers and dryers.


Of its array of Front Load Washing Machines, Samsung's top-of-the-line Heba Combo (WD-8754) combines the convenience of a 7.5 kilograms washer and dryer, together with such fine features as an Air Wash System-that removes unpleasant odours using heated fresh air, without the use of any detergent or other chemicals. This unique function requires no water while washing which help decrease the frequency of dry cleaning your clothes. Diamond Drum-wherein the design of the drum is uniquely embossed with holes that are located deep within each diamond-shaped depression. Fabrics do not get caught in the drum and are subsequently not damaged. Ceramic Heaters, on the other hand last up to ten years. The average life span for conventional heaters is less than 3 years due to chemical reaction with mineral molecules in water. Ceramic heaters have a surface that is less porous, therefore less susceptible to scale build-ups.


Pay only P44, 900 (that's P5, 000 off its regular price for cash buyers) or in 12 zero-percent-interest instalment when you charge it to your credit card.



Ideal for large families, the new Samsung's WA-14P9 is a fully-automatic Top Load Washer that packs a whopping 12 kilograms of laundry into its Diamond Drum. The machine also comes with a Double Storm Technology-designed specifically to enhance washing performance and minimize tangles, and Air Turbo Drying System- enhance the drying time of your laundry, saving your time for your family.

A steal at P20, 695 (P2, 300 off its regular price), you can also pay it in 12 zero-percent-interest instalments with your card.


 Doing the job just as nicely is Samsung's WA-80U3, the fully-automatic Top Load Washer which fits 6 kilograms worth of laundry in its plastic tub. At P8,995 (P1,000 less its original price) or 12 zero-percent-interest instalments, this amazing appliance comes with an Air Turbo Drying System, Double Storm Pulsator, Magic Filter that ensures better collection of lint when the water level is low because the filter is positioned lower than those in conventional washing machines. The Magic Filter also makes use of a light indicator to let you know when to perform the effortless routine cleaning.


An Air Turbo Drying System, Powerful Pulsator and Transparent Lid Design are common features of Samsung's Twin Tub Washers, the 8.5 kg. WT-10J and the 6.5 kg. WT-80J. Pay only P9,395 and P7,495 respectively, or six months zero-percent-interest instalment plans when you use your card.


Boasting sleek and modern designs, plus a slew of state-of-the-art functions, these helpful home appliances make laundry an almost effortless and even enjoyable task. As an added incentive to smart buyers' homemakers, Samsung even offers generous discounts and payment schemes for shoppers who pay in cash or through credit card.


Visit your nearest electronics and appliance centres to see which Samsung washer and dryer suits your needs best.






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