How can Cashsense help my family manage our finances?

Cashsense understands the importance of the internet and network marketing and wishes to engage the services of industry professionals

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From a single deposit of funds to Cashsense, make multiple transfers to beneficiaries' ATM cards as cash is needed in the Philippines.
Pay utilities, bills and SSS etc. for free, online.
Purchase essential goods and services - medicines, formula and text books etc. - online.
Single pay-in, multiple pay-out to single or multiple beneficiaries
Beneficiaries in the Philippines can often run out of cash towards the end of the month. Cashsense customers may make full use of their online accounts or eWallet by making a single, inexpensive pay-in transaction and then managing fund availability throughout the month. No charge will be made for the first or single pay-out transaction. Subsequent pay-out transactions (per pay-in transaction) will be charged at the rate of PHP 45.00.

All transactions involving utility companies, billers and SSS are processed for free.

Transaction Fee
Pay-in, single Flat – USD 2.00 to USD 10.00 - depending on location/FX rate
First pay-out None
Subsequent pay-out PHP 45.00



Ms. De la Cruz pays in USD 750.00 which attracts a remittance fee of USD 8.00 in her country of residence. Throughout the month, she then continues to send her beneficiary cash as well as paying bills and shopping online

Sample FX rate USD 1.00 = PHP 45.00
Remittance fee USD 8.00 (average)
Amount after fee USD 750.00 minus USD 8.00 = USD 742.00
Amount in PHP credited to account USD 742.00 x 45.00 = PHP 33,390.00

Day Transaction Details Amount Fee Net transfer Balance
PHP 33,390.00
Day 1 Fund transfer Beneficiary A PHP 10,000.00 0 PHP 10,000.00 PHP 23,390.00
Day 5 Bills payment PLDT PHP 900.00 0 PHP 900.00 PHP 22,490.00
Day 10 Fund transfer Beneficiary B PHP 10,000.00 PHP 45.00 PHP 9,955.00 PHP 12,490.00
Day 15 Payment SSS PHP 1,560.00 0 PHP 1,560.00 PHP 10,930.00
Day 20 Fund transfer Beneficiary A PHP 4,000.00 PHP 45.00 PHP 3,955.00 PHP 6,930.00
Day 25 Shop online Merchant-cellphone PHP 6,500.00 0 PHP 6,500.00 PHP 430.00

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