There are two options during a sexual intercouse : get pregnant or not. If you're both ready choose yes if not yet choose not yet. If you're both ready here are the tips to ensure safe pregnancy, if not here's some of the advantage of using a condom, though there's more ways for birth control.

handy tips to ensure a safe pregnancy journey:

• Preconceptional immunization of women to prevent disease in the offspring is preferred to vaccination of pregnant women> this eliminates risk to the fetus when the mother is unvaccinated and acquire certain viral infections during pregnancy.
• Do avoid over-crowded areas where the risk of viral infection is high.
• If you are pregnant and think you’ve been exposed to a person with suspected measles, mumps, German measles or chickenpox, see your doctor right away.
• After giving birth, ask your doctor about the recommended postpartum vaccines for you and other household members who might be in close contact with your newborn. Bring your newborn to a pediatrician and ask about early and complete protection through vaccination.
Meanwhile, here’s a handy guide on the importance of vaccination and preventive healthcare among Infanticipating mommies and young children:

And here the advantage of using a condom :

  • the guy can usually last longer when using a condom
  • the best method for reducing the risk of STIs for those who choose to have intercourse
  • pregnancy and STD prevention
  • easy to use, and very little practice is needed
  • Enhances responsibility and mutual understanding between the partners
  • develops self esteem
  • no side effects
  • cheapest reproductive health bill icon

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