Tale of tortang talong and menudo revealed via TV5’s Untold Stories mula sa Face to Face

“Pinagbibintangan mo akong nagnakaw ng tortang talong, samantalang ang ulam ko ay menudo?!" was the classic line of Aling Rowena Riferzo after she was accused by her neighbor of stealing their dish, among some other accusations when they faced-off on TV5’s talak-serye “Face to Face”.

In the episode of “Untold Stories mula sa Face to Face” titled “Gaano man Kapait ang Kahapon,” get to know more about the housewife who brought novelty and lesson on “Face to Face.”

This week’s episode is top-billed by critically-acclaimed actress Assunta de Rossi-Ledesma as Aling Rowena, with Ian de Leon (Bong) and Paolo Paraiso (Luis), both as her life partners. While Aling Rowena (Assunta de Rossi) didn’t sit well with some of her neighbors, her untold story of grief, loss and struggle that could have triggered her feisty character is worth everyone’s attention.

Don’t miss the episode of “Untold Stories mula sa Face to Face” this Thursday (September 23) 8pm, hosted by Amy Perez on TV5’s Primetimes5.

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