Wow Meganon?! transforms Pinoy gudtayms weeknights on TV5

Experience a different kind of good time you never had before . Watch TV 5 's Wow Meganon?!

starting on September 6, weeknights at 9-9:30pm. Para sayo Kapatid !

Wow Mali! is on for a full-blast shift as it brings Pinoy-style gudtayms to a new a level with better segments, add-on characters and all-new pranks in Wow Meganon?!, starting September 6, Mondays to Fridays, 9-9:30pm on TV5’s big time Primetime’s5.

The longest-running and original pang-gudtaym is hosted by the all-time funnyman Mr Joey de Leon; this time with a new co-host, the comic DJ and Mr Meganon himself, Mr Fu. To infuse additional fun in the comic combo, Wow Meganon?! includes the SOS mimes of Lokomoko U on the show, plus gifted ventriloquist Wanlu and his smart-talking puppet Nicolo. Jeffrey Tam will also bring street-smart flavor with his awesome magical touches.

While it maintains clean fun pranks, Wow Meganon?! promises a dash of comedy with its new segments.

Brace yourself for some disaster stunts in Calamity Fun. Mr Fu pokes some serious trivia to introduce a group of trippers doing crazy stunts a sober person would not dare to do. Meanwhile, kids and kids-at-heart will have fun while learning in Kiddie Kiddie Power. Talentadong Pinoy Hall of Famer Wanlu entertains kids with his puppets while throwing physical and mental activities that will squeeze out the skills, wit and intelligence of these kiddos.

Miko Petito and Maui Manalo will mime ‘till you laugh in Sound of Silence as they hilariously interpret the lighter side of life, throwing in a bit of humor in their performance. Man your place as funny magician Jeffrey Tam walks the streets and performs magic tricks to passersby, bringing joy and wonder to the city buzz. Wow MTV (Mali TV) promises no buffers and slow streaming as it documents some of the funniest and most side-splitting scenes of people who have survived the tickle of the show. Kapatid celebrities are warned as Wow Meganon?! videos the funny bloopers taken from TV5 shows.

Don’t be left out as the brand of humor steps up in Wow Meganon?!, starting on September 6, weeknights at 9-9:30pm on TV5.

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